Avalanche Education for Snowmobile EducatorsWelcome to Avalanche Education for Snowmobilers.

Avalanches come in many shapes and sizes and have injured or killed a growing number of snowmobilers over the past decade. Since even the smallest slides can be dangerous if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, learning to recognize avalanche terrain is the first step toward snowmobiling more safely when riding in the mountains.

Most avalanche accidents can be avoided with simple education and preparation, so select one of the topics below to learn more about avalanches, how to make informed decisions, and how to travel more safely when snowmobiling in avalanche terrain.

Have fun on the slopes – but make sure you respect the terrain and make good decisions so that you, your family, and friends can return home safe and uninjured.


Avalanche Forecast Centers provide a quick gateway to most avalanche-related information on the web. Select the avalanche center nearest you for information about local avalanche forecasts, educational classes, statistics, and general avalanche information. (http://www.avalanche.org/ )


Search avalanche educational training classes by state or province at Avalanche.org. You may also contact Avalanche Centers or snowmobiling organizations and agencies in your local area for more information about avalanche education training opportunities.


The following web sites provide interactive on-line avalanche education lessons and information that incorporate a variety of reading, tests, and videos to provide learning opportunities for beginners to advanced winter recreationists. Spend some time reviewing this information to help ensure your next trip to avalanche country is a safe one for you and your companions.

Canadian Avalanche Association

Avalanche First Response Training: This is the grand daddy of on-line tutorials; you can spend 30 minutes or several hours on this if you take all the extra lessons. It has material for skiers and snowmobilers, with top-notch video clips.

IASA/ACSA Safe Riders! Snowmobile Safety Awareness Program

On-line snowmobile safety awareness program that covers Avalanche Safety in the Safety Section; includes an interactive chapter quiz.

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