Avalanche educational graphics, posters, photos, and movie clips available for downloading. (Click on the title or link to download.)

‘One at a Time’ slope decal

Pdf (245 KB) or JPEG (770 KB)
Source: Trails Work Consulting

World Avalanche Danger Scales

Available in U.S., Canada, and four European versions (Scotland, German, French, and Italian).

Are You Beeping sign graphic

(516 KB Pdf)

Backcountry Awareness poster

(2.66 MB) Source: Bridger-Teton National Forest Avalanche Center

Burial Depth and Survival Probability Graph

Excel spreadsheet graph (17 KB) Source: Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation

Avalanche Fatality Graph Set

Excel spreadsheet graphs (173 KB) Source: Idaho Parks and CAIC

USFS Avalanche Zone Sign photo

JPEG Image (806 KB)

WA Cornice photo

JPEG Image (799 KB)

Cascade Cornice photo

JPEG Image (548 KB)

Big Sky Extreme Long movie clip

(74.3 MB) a 7.5 minute clip of a snowmobile-triggered slide, burial, and successful rescue, along with comments from the victims.

Breakup Footage movie clip

(10.1 MB) Source: Unknown; 58 second clip of avalanche footage framed as an avalanche warning PSA

Upper Teepee video file

(8.54 MB) Source: Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center; 88 second clip of snowmobiler triggering an avalanche.

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