Power Point training programs available for downloading: (Click on the title or link to download.)

Avalanche Awareness for Snowmobilers

Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center, 2001; 90 slides, 8.1 MB. Excellent program created specifically to target avalanche education for snowmobilers.

Know Before You Go – the basics of staying alive in avalanche terrain

Utah Avalanche Center, 2005; 56 slides, 16.8 MB. This 15-minute PowerPoint presentation is part of Utah’s ‘Know Before You Go’ basic avalanche education program targeted at junior high through college age students. It covers the basics of how to recognize avalanche terrain and obvious signs of instability, safe travel practices, the basics of avalanche rescue equipment and self-rescue procedures, and where to obtain information about current avalanche conditions. The overall program is designed to be covered in 50 minutes and also includes a 15-minute, narrated DVD showing avalanches, people triggering avalanches, and the destructive power of avalanches. Contact cgordonski@hotmail.com to obtain DVD and Power Point set.

Avalanche Awareness – Idaho Parks and Recreation

Idaho Department of State Parks and Recreation, Contact the Department to obtain a copy ohveducation@idpr.idaho.gov.

Avalanche Avoidance and Rescue for Snowmobilers

Backcountry Access (BCA), 2007; 64 slides, 13 MB. This program was created by BCA to support avalanche education. Download at https://backcountryaccess.com/portfolio/avalanche-awareness-and-leading-a-companion-rescue-training-snowmobile-version/ (scroll to bottom of this page to find this program).

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