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Coalition for Recreational Trails Information

Information Released 4/17/19: RTP Meeting Report 3-06-19 RTP CRT Agenda April 17, 2019 Information Released 3/6/19: RTP CRT Agenda March 6, 2019 Information Released 1/11/19: RTP Executive Commitee Meeting Report 12-20-18 RTP Lobby Teams RTP Meeting Report 12-7-18 RTP CRT Agenda January 11, 2019 Information Released 12/13/18: 12-7-18 Information Released 12/7/18: ORR_PublicLandsPackageFinal 12-7-18 Information Released 11/19/18: RTP News Release FINAL S.3604 pdf CRT RTP Full Funding Act Support 2018 Formatted with sigs RTP Senate Staff Contact List Meeting Report 11-15-18 […]

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Current IASA Directory

16-17 IASA Directory 9-26-17

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Mike Eddy’s Volunteer Enhancement Presentation/Program

Volunteer Recruitment and Enhancement programs were discussed during IASA’s 2017 AGM meeting.  Mike Eddy reported on a program he used for the firefighter organization he works with.  The points in the presentation are lead ins for Mike to guide the discussion with the group.  Please contact Mike with any questions at Mike Eddy’s 2012Symposium_Volunteer_Enhancement Presentation

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SSCC-11 Snowmobile Standards

Ed Klim with ISMA (International Snowmobile Manufacturer’s Association) presented to IASA during the 2017 AGM in Winnipeg on the SSCC-11 snowmobile standards.  It’s highly encouraged to use these standards in legislation to help define a snowmobile.  Please contact Ed Klim with questions at SSCC-11 Snowmobile Standards

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Manitoba’s Shelter Poster

Manitoba’s Shelter Poster promoting no alcohol or smoking in the shelters.  This campaign was released for the 1st time during the 16-17 season. Manitoba’s Shelter Poster 16-17

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ACSA’s Access Guide Update – Comments Due June 30th

We spoke about ACSA’s Access Guide Update in Winnipeg during IASA’s 2017 AGM.  Please remember ACSA is looking for comments on this project.  Access has been on IASA’s agenda for the past couple of years so here’s your chance to provide input on what your jurisdictions are doing to conserve and promote access.  Please take the time to review the document and provide comments.  Please provide comments to Keri at and she’ll forward them to Chris Gamache and Kim […]

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IASA Letter of Support For ACSA


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2015-2016 IASA Financial & Incident Surveys – Final Reports

Please click the following links for the final survey reports: 2016 IASA Snowmobile Program Finance Survey – Final 2016 IASA Snowmobile Incident Report – Final

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Idaho Parks and Recreation Department’s Avalanche Presentation

The Idaho Parks and Recreation Department has generously agreed to allow IASA members access to use their Avalanche Presentation.  Please contact Rich Gummersall with any questions on the presentation:  208-514-2414 or IDPR Avalanche Presentation (PDF Version) IDPR Avalanche Presentation (PowerPoint Version)  

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2016 IASA AGM Meeting Information

Health Benefits: Snowmobile Fitness Presentation – Jamie Burr ISC Agenda: Final ISC Agenda 5.17.16 IASA AGM Agenda: 2016 IASA AGM Agenda – Draft 5-18-16 IASA Executive Assistant Report: 2015-2016 IASA Executive Assistant Report 2015 AGM Minutes: 15 IASA AGM Minutes draft #1 06-13-15 Financial Information: 15-16 Dues Paid & History 10-20-15 Balance Sheet as of May 2016 July 15 – May 16 IASA Budget 2016-17 IASA Proposed Budget 6-8-16 IASA Chapter Reports: Midwest IASA 5-11-16 Notes Northeast IASA 4-22-16 Meeting […]

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