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ISC 2014 – Keystone Conference Center Meeting Room Layout

Click here for a meeting room layout of the Keystone Conference Center: Keystone Conferfence Center Meeting Rooms

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2014 IASA AGM Information

Enclosed are the materials you will need to print or have accessible during the 2014 IASA AGM: Meeting Agenda:  IASA AGM Agenda 4 17 2014 2013 AGM Minutes:  13 IASA AGM Minutes draft #3 06-05-13   FHWA AGM Report: TAP Overview 2014 06 ISC FHWA IASA Report 2014 04 24   Financial Information: July 2013-March 2014 IASA Income Statement Unpaid Membership Dues as of 5-7-14 13-14 Dues Paid & History 2013-14 IASA Budget Approved 06-08 2014-15 IASA Proposed Budget 05-08-14 […]

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2013/2014 IASA Finance and Incident Surveys

TO:   State, Provincial, and Territorial Snowmobile Program Administrators FROM:  Ron Purchase, IASA Finance Survey Committee Chair SUBJECT:  2013/2014 IASA Finance and Incident Surveys ON-LINE DATA ENTRY PROCESS Each year, several IASA committees survey the membership to collect base information necessary to compile important reports for presentation and review during the International Snowmobile Congress. As in previous years, this year’s data will be collected on-line using an internet survey site. This year’s IASA on-line surveys are: 2013/14 IASA Snowmobile Program Finance […]

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2013-2014 IASA Budget

2013-2014 Approved IASA Budget PDF Version:  2013-14 IASA Budget Approved 06-08 Excel Version:  2013-14 IASA Budget Approved 06-08

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Final AGM Survey Reports

Here are the links for the final reports from the 2013 IASA AGM: Incident Report:  2013 IASA Incident Report – Final Finance Survey:  2013 IASA Snowmobile Program Finance Survey – Final

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Avalanche Guidelines – ISMA

Avalanche Guidelines -Final Draft

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12-13 IASA 4th Quarter Financial Report

Here is the 4th quarter financial report for the 2012-2013 fiscal period.  12-13 IASA 04 Fourth Qtr Financial Report

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